Tuesday, 15 March 2011

David Eveleighs GWR Toad

David Eveleighs GWR Toad as built by the author

From the etch supplied it would be possible to produce the first three GWR Covered Veranda Toads by modifying the sole bars, wooded, bulb the steel underframe is supplied). By changing from 4 to 8 shoes AA16 can be produced, if you feel brave you can shorten the roof back to the doors, remove upright supports that supported the roof and you will have the Toad built 1874 as detailed in the latest edition of "Great Western Way". That is not a bad selection from one etch.


MarkAustin said...

As well, some of those 1884 vans not converted to AA16 vans became tool vans, Remained prettry much as built, but renumbered in Engineering sequence

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