Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dead Track

I have been investigating a dead section of track on the front of Marks Quay, the dual gauge section, and it seems that although the crossing vee on the narrow gauge point is switching polarity OK the adjacent wing rail is dead. This seems bizarre to me as they are very close together and both soldered to the same three sleepers yet they seem to be electrically isolated from one another.

As the track work is buried it is not easy to find out why unless I dig up a bit of the infill. To be honest it might be easier to ignore the narrow gauge track and leave it dead, so long as the the standard gauge works OK.

Wiring is an area I find difficult even with only two wires, the whole layout live, and only one loco on the layout at a time. So the layout is is in pieces again and I don't feel like trying to sort it out right now! I think the next layout will be just one straight piece of track, shouldn't be any problems then!

I think I'll get back to some video editing at least that seems to be successful.

Peter Whitehead

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