Tuesday, 1 July 2008

June Meeting

I think that sums up our hobby and I hope you agree?

In the background you can see some of David E's sheeted wagons which he was preparing for Expo2mm. I think you will agree that they look very good.

Some time ago David produced a clamping system based on a board with holes in, a small diameter dowel and half a cloths peg. The peg also has a hole drilled in it which is a sliding fit over the dowel. By placing the work piece under the end of the peg and pressing the peg downwards, it grips the dowel and clamps the work to the board.

Here you see Nigel's modified version with additional dowel at an angle through the peg, which is useful for holding small items.

In this picture you can see a cutting mat fitted to a board with various pieces of aluminium angle attached to the board. These allow nice straight cuts to be made in plastic card, card, paper or even thin sheet wood. The straight edge to the board allows a set square to be used when right angle cuts are required, as here, cutting out window apertures.

Finally for this posting, is a picture showing two of my four GWR wheel coaches to which I have added grab handles. The handles are from an etch produced by Ultimar which has been in my gloat box for many years. I am pleased with the results.

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tony wisdom said...

Puts me in mind of the Festiniog Railway where the clock in Boston Lodge Works had had the numerals replaced with the letters JOLLYGOODFUN.