Wednesday 11 June 2008

Narrow Gauge Rails to Marks Quay

I've had an interest in 2mm narrow gauge modelling for some time but have resisted the temptation to actually build any. Several Association members (you know who you are) have egged me on to add some narrow gauge to Marks Quay and I finally gave in, having purchased a narrow gauge loco body kit and some wagon kits from Peco.

The recent formation of the 2mmnn3 egroup and the resultant surge in interest that has triggered sealed my fate! Another member sold me a Marklin 0-6-0 chassis so I was well and truly off and running.

The white metal loco kit is very basic and rewards a bit of fettling to improve its looks. Smoothing and filling of some rough areas has made a noticeable difference. I chose to solder it together as I find this works very well with the temperature controlled iron that I have. It is very satisfying seeing the solder run into the joints.

To get the chassis to fit, the coupling rods have to be removed and the cylinder moulding modified on each side. The photo above shows one modified cylinder. I retained the cylinders as the moulding forms part of the chassis and it is hidden behind the loco skirts anyway.

As supplied the cab front looks, in my opinion, rather odd so I have reworked it with some plastic card to something that looks more plausible. There is still plenty to be done before it is ready to run but I think it will look good when finished.

Some further information about this loco kit can be found on Mark Fielders web site.

So now I needed some track to run it on, and I decided to add some to the front of Marks Quay. As you can see from the photograph below it has necessitated butchering some of the existing track so that I now have dual gauge track work entering from the left of the layout. With hind sight it probably would of been easier to take up and relay some of the track rather than modifying it, and that could still be an option if things don't work out.

The rail layout is not quite right and I will post some photographs of the corrected layout in the next instalment.

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