Sunday 26 August 2007

DEAG Meeting 23 August 07

Thanks to Henk for an interesting group meeting. If you would like to know more about Henk's modelling check out his web page. As well as Henk's welcome visit, see DIY DCC below, Bill showed us a turnout operating mechanism that he has designed for his layout, Melford. It consists of Portescap motor and gearbox with a cam and plate on the output shaft, the plate having an offset pin mounted in it. Two micro switches are mounted 180 deg. apart, operated by the cam so that they cut the power to the motor. Power is restored via a switch such that the cam/plate rotates 180 deg. before one of the micro switches cuts the power.

The motor/gearbox is mounted vertically under a mounting plate on which slides a piece of PCB (I think). This has two pins which protrude down through the mounting plate. Each pin is connected to the rotating offset pin by springs so that for each 180 deg. rotation of the offset pin, the PCB is moved one way then the other. Droppers from the turnout blades connect to the PCB slider. Hopefully Bill will describe the design and construction of this in detail either here or in the 2mm Assoc. magazine.

Nigel had brought along two versions of the new Farish 04 which looks to be a very nice model with plenty of detail. I particularly like the fact that by mounting the motor at the front with the gearbox at the back, it is below the window sill so that the cab looks empty. At about £37 from Internet shops it is a bargain. I think one of these will find its way onto Marks Quay before too long!

Stuart was busy blackening wagon axles with an etch resist marker pen and Nick was working on his Loco.

Sorry there are no photo's of the group as I forgot to take my camera, Doh!!


Anonymous said...

Nice photo of the 4mm scale Bachmann class 04 :-)

- Nigel

Peter Whitehead said...

Is that better??