Friday 24 August 2007


Yesterday's Darkest Essex continued the current trend; we had current cake and discussed DCC amongst the other mixture around the table.

Henk was visiting, and brought a few things with him; computer generated brickwork, laser cut card wheels, the most complicated crossing assembly I've seen in some time and some DCC bits and pieces. The DCC included a few DCX74 decoders, possibly the smallest around at present.

Henk's DCC system is based upon that used by Fremo; uses LocoNet (Digitrax) for the networking between throttles, and is based on an Intellibox command station and a number of Fred throttles.

Fred is available either commercially from Uhlenbrock, or as a DIY kit for Fremo members.

Intellibox, also from Uhlenbrock, is a very capable command station and booster, can handle numerous formats (some now obselete), and is upgradable with firmware changes. But its quite expensive, and arguably over-kill for many smaller layout owners.

Hence to DIY versions. Henk mentioned the MiniBox, this being a DIY command station, designed to be used with Fred and other LocoNet throttles.

MiniBox is described on Pal Olsen's site.

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