Friday 15 October 2010

Greetings from Darkest Essex!
It was a full house at the meeting. This is my first post, after (foolishly
volunteering to take over from Peter

and with space being limited around the table I elected to help

Mr Chairman (Nigel!) put together some
Assc drop in diesel wheels, I never realised it was

so time consuming! An evenings work resulted in
18 sets! A bit short of the 300 sets requested by the shopkeepers!
Tony was working on his second Eveleigh etch! This time a
GER 1st 4 wheel coach.

Peter was continuing with his shunters truck, the work on this
tiny truck is amazing.

David S is building a small test track and constructing his first
Easitrack turnout.

Meanwhile Bill was constructing GER cattle wagon chassis from Assc kits
and Stuart was fitting an interior to his metropolitan Brake Third.

David E had his marvellous little scratch built Fox Walker 060 ST,
can't wait to see it finished!

If anyone is in the area and wishes to pop along,
we are a friendly bunch! Contact details along with meeting dates
are in the panel alongside.

Thats all !

Phil Mead


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