Tuesday 18 November 2008

Catching Up

Back in the Jan 2008 posting I mentioned the need to protect the paper back scene from catching and I resolved that by fixing some hockey stick moulding to the top. I am pleased with this and it has proved ideal for the job.

My last posting was in June 2008 and I had then to sort out the issue of switching the narrow gauge point. I soldered the end of the blade to a piece of nickel silver rod which pivots in a hole in the baseboard. Using my usual method of wire in tube and slider switch to change the polarity of the crossing nose I now have a working narrow gauge point with only one moving blade. At some point during this process I created a short circuit which turned out to be un-gapped sleeper strip to which I had soldered a check rail. Quick work with a file and all runs well.

Due to the rather large gap between the crossing nose and the switch rail, I have added some Milliput filler for the wheel flanges to run on which helps a great deal with smooth running.

This is the Peco white metal Loco body on the Marklin Z gauge chassis.

The video was taken using a webcam hooked up to a lap top computer, and although it is the lowest quality setting to reduce the file size I am pleased with the result.

Peter Whitehead

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic, nice piece of point work. Docks and narrow gauge, a great combination.