Wednesday 12 March 2008

Trouble at Train Table

Following on from the last post about adding the backscene to the layout I soon discovered that I could not place stock onto the train table with the buildings in place, my fingers were too big!

What to do? I could have made a longer train table but felt that it would be difficult to line it up correctly with the three tracks which might require taking up track and relaying it. Not wanting to do that I added a second pivot hole to the existing train table, in filled the gap and extended the tracks to meet it as shown below.

This means that the train table overhangs the baseboard and cannot therefore be left in position when packed into its travel box. It has to be removed at the end of the running session and now lives underneath the layout with the stock and other bits (I will explain this when I describe the travel box). A thorough workout at Keen House showed that the train table is now usable so I can proceed with the rest of the layout.

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