Wednesday 11 July 2007

Marks Quay - Two Problems

At the Kent and Essex Group meeting on Sunday I played trains on Marks Quay and that threw up a couple of potential problems that I will need to address before the buildings are fixed in place.

I am not happy with the sector plate which is currently constructed from two lengths of aluminium angle fixed to a piece of plywood. The aluminium angle can be seen from the viewing side of the layout and it also touches the inside of the building. I think a piece of PCB (gaped) with the rails soldered on is the solution. Milling the PCB at the visible end to look like sleepered track will improve the situation.

Problems were also encountered placing stock onto the sector plate as I can’t provide a large enough gap in the backscene. The new sector plate will be longer so that I can load stock from the end, behind the backscene.

I hope to paint the four 16T wagons this weekend if it rains. So much to do, but steady progress is satisfying.



Anonymous said...

Shop 1 has (or is about to have) milled PCB sleeper bits which might do what you need. Product 1-060

Re-railing stock can be helped by making the track more "tram like", filling the centre between some check rails, and by having rail-height roadway on the outside.

- Nigel

Yorkshire Square said...

Nice to see some modelling occuring down in darkest Essex, Peter. The layout looks promising; I'm sure you'll overcome the problems without too much bother.

I like the idea of a "stand" below the baseboard proper; adds weight of course, but a nice finishing touch for a layout that might spend time standing on household furniture.



Anonymous said...

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