Friday 6 July 2007

Lost in Cyber Space

Yes I managed to mess up my access to this blog and thought I would have to start again from scratch. Fortunately I discovered the problem and all is back to normal, what ever that may be!

The Darkest Essex Area Group has held its June meeting since my last post. Very quiet, only four of us in attendance. This meant that our host Melvyn found time from tea/coffee making to do some modelling. He produced what appeared to be an old brass van kit from his to do box and spent the evening soldering pieces together. Hopefully I will be able to reveal what it is in the not to distant future.

My own modelling centred around a 2mm scale resin boat kit which will be 'parked' on the front of Marks Quay, when the tide comes in! Slow progress.

David (S) continued work on his loco, can't remember what it is but hopefully he will reveal all in a future post.

Nick also was working on a loco tender and hopefully he will post something to the blog soon, please!!

This week I have made further progress on the back scene and buildings for Marks Quay and more details will follow in a few days.

Its good to be back on line. Please feel free to comment on what we are doing.


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