Monday 28 May 2007

Marks Quay - Layout

I joined the 2mm Scale Association in the late 1970's and abandoned 'N' gauge in about 1982. Since then I have been building up a collection of loco's, coaches and wagons based on GWR practice. My interests centre around the Forest of Dean and I have plans to build a layout based in that area.

As this project is taking time I decided to build a small shunting layout. The principals are based on the layout described in the 2mm Association's publication 'The Beginner's Guide to 2mm Finescale Modelling' *. This booklet was published last summer and inspired me to to build a small layout. So Marks Quay was born. The track plan is fictitious and I got the basic idea from Carl Arendt's excellent website on
small layout design. It is a small quay somewhere in the British Isles sometime in the early 1960's. The loco is a Bachmann Switcher which has been finescaled by having its wheels turned down and re gauged to suit 2mm scale track, a service offered through the 2mm Scale Association.

The wagons are BR 16T mineral wagons on etched under frames running finescale wheels which are all available to 2mm Scale Association members. Track is soldered plain track. Photos of progress on the layout may be viewed at Marks Quay.


(Further posts will be added as progress is made.)

* New edition of the Beginner's Guide published in summer 2006. Completely revised from previous editions, and includes a step-by-step illustrations of the construction of a small layout, British Oak.

Cover's planning, baseboards, track building (plain and turnouts), rolling stock construction and converting N gauge locomotives to 2mm standards. i.e. absolutely everything you need to get running.

This booklet can be obtained from the Association stand at larger exhibitions around the country and also by post from Midland County Publications

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